, a Pinot Noir 100% in all its glory!

It is a brut sparkling wine vinified “en rose” . With 12% alcohol content, it is balanced and very versatile.

Of color cherry pink reminds raspberry, its delicate fruity fragrance, it recalls small fruits and its fine and refined taste is the only olfactory and gustatory sensation.

On the palate it is dry but not too much, fresh and with that lively accent given by the light sapidity. MyRò !

It is full-bodied and leaves its mark, it is clear and sincere in taste, lively, fragrant, naturally colored.

bicchiere vino rosé
myro bottiglia rosé

One wine, two moods!

The bottle is designed as the body and shell of a woman’s soul : bright, with character, in color with its nuances, all to enhance its inner beauty to discover and taste…

From the bottle “ by day ” transparent that enhances its surprising, and unusual bottle color “ by night ” totally black to emphasize the elegance of its flavor.

Usually used for the champenoise method a flute bottle with a concave bottom was chosen to enhance its refinement during the pouring of the wine.

myro bottiglia pinot noir

The bottle wears…

The silver-colored necklace with tie knot to remind you that it was created by a woman but with character!

The pendant “wax” effect with the Peacock inlay, symbol of the Estate Castellaro seal of absolute quality, which certifies its origin, Monte Castellaro.

The pendant represents the Woman MyRò. Scented with the essence of wild berries, it will arouse the sense of smell even before opening the bottle: the first olfactory trace of the wine.

The label with reliefs in the writing and in the stylized drawings stimulate the touch .

The MyRo ‘bottle: a sensory emotion, a brand experience!

myro bottiglia rosé nera
myro wine

The logo  , told by its creator…

“It was created to represent my whole story in an image. Encloses my values, my vitality, my simplicity, my joy of life and & nbsp; the attachment to my native lands.

So I started to scribble roots and then weave the sartorial tail, like a dress … and I found my essence .

Sketched, retouched and softened like a woman was then digitized as as it was done in pencil!

To depict my lifeblood and my inner colors, 4 hands let’s start to transform my energy with watercolors like the nectar that comes from grapes, upwards … a connection between earth and sky where the balance lies!

The logo MyRo’!